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WPC and SPC waterproof hybrid flooring installation in San Diego

Welcome to the future of flooring. Waterproof hybrid flooring is a brand new technology that allows for 100% waterproof flooring that does not absorb any liquid or moisture. It can even withstand flooding! This spill-proof flooring can be installed anywhere, with a few different available options. Choose between:

WPC Flooring
WPC flooring is a wood and plastic composite luxury hybrid flooring that looks exactly like a hardwood floor without the hassle that comes with wood floors. WPC, which stands for waterproof core, has a special core that prevents the floor from rippling, swelling, peeling, or expanding. It is a beautiful, low maintenance and versatile flooring option that looks great in any room.

SPC Flooring
SPC flooring is a stone laminate rigid core flooring that offers increased stability and performance over normal stone floors. SPC flooring is completely waterproof, resistant to indentation and can be installed anywhere, no matter the surface or floor plan. Avoid the hassle of expanding or contracting floors with the flooring of the future, SPC flooring.


With waterproof hybrid flooring, the design options are endless. While the flooring is primarily available in stone (SPC flooring) or wood (WPC flooring), there are a variety of colors and design styles to choose from. Let the team at Express Floors To Go help you find the perfect floor for your needs.

Multiple layers for enhance protection
The secret to making hybrid flooring waterproof is having multiple layers working in unison to provide a sealed core. There is a UV coated outer layer that provides stain and fade resistance, followed by a transparent layer to protect from wear and tear. Next is the high resolution wear layer, which provides the texture, pattern, and color of the waterproof hybrid flooring. Below that is stone or wood fusion layer that is the waterproof core, and finally an insulation layer for thermal and sound protection.

Choose from a wide variety of colors for your hybrid waterproof flooring, depending on your preferences. Our team at Express Floors to Go can look at the design aesthetic of your home and make suggestions as to what color would work best.

Texture and finish
Stone or wood waterproof hybrid flooring can come in a variety of different textures and patterns, allowing you to further personalize your flooring.

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The wonderful thing about waterproof hybrid flooring is that it can fit any room, surface, and lifestyle. The floors are incredibly versatile and low maintenance, making them the perfect solution for any and all flooring needs.

No matter the room, waterproof hybrid flooring provides an optimal option. Be it a living room, kitchen, garage, or bathroom, waterproof flooring provides a great way to have long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing floors.

Cleaning and maintenance
Our hybrid floors are very easy to clean, needing just a mop with some cleaning solution. Since the floors are waterproof, deep cleaning is not necessary.

Kids and pets
Waterproof hybrid floors were made for kids and pets. Kids are going to spill things on the floor and pets are going to have accidents. Usually, this would be a huge pain, but waterproof hybrid floors make cleaning up accidents simple and easy.


Various different waterproof hybrid flooring options come in a different price range. Find the perfect flooring for your budget at Express Floors To Go with help from one of our flooring experts.

Visual quality
There are a variety of different stone and wood hybrid waterproof flooring options, all of which have different price points. When deciding on a flooring option and design, it is important to also be aware of the price of each style and factor that into your decision.

A thick outer (wear) layer provides enhanced protection from stains, spills, and scratches. Therefore, the thicker the wear layer, the more expensive the flooring will be.
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One of the many perks of WPC or SPC waterproof flooring is that the installation process is so easy. The flooring experts at Express Floors To Go can get you new hybrid flooring in no time!

Method of installation
The primary method for installing hybrid waterproof floors is interlocking floating floors. This means the floor connects to itself, and floating floors is generally the easiest method of installation for flooring.

Full service or DIY
Interlocking hybrid waterproof flooring makes for an easy DIY project, but if you want the highest quality and guaranteed satisfaction we recommend going with professional installation from Express Floors To Go.