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Tile flooring installation in San Diego including porcelain and tile

Tile was the first flooring material used in early civilization, and it's easy to see why tile flooring has endured for millennia. Tile resists wear, moisture, scratches, dents, and stains and instantly improves the look of any home décor. Choose between:

Porcelain tile
Porcelain tile is dense and more impervious to water absorption than ceramic tile, making it a great option for use in any room, inside or outside. And because it's fired at extremely high temperatures, porcelain tile is also about 30% harder than natural stone, so it's durable as well.

Ceramic tile
Like porcelain, ceramic tile is made from a mixture of clays and other natural materials, but it's not as dense as porcelain—and not as expensive. Ceramic tiles also tend to have more color options available, as well as a wider range of finishes.


Regardless of your individual style, we guarantee there's a tile flooring option you'll love. Here are some details to consider when choosing your tile flooring:

Size and shape
Tile size can range from a few square inches to large format sizes. Larger tiles can help open up space and require less grout. Rectified tiles have a uniform size and shape and may not require much grout.

From glossy white to natural terracotta, there is a tile color to match every style. Recent advancements in technology have introduced many patterns that emulate natural stone, wood, and various contemporary designs.

Whether you prefer a rough, “natural” stone or wood feel to your tile flooring or an elegant high-gloss finish. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of finishes. Our design experts at Express Floors To Go can help you choose a finish that matches your style and looks beautiful in your home.

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Gorgeous tile that perfectly matches your décor is a good place to start. But before settling on tile as your flooring style of choice, you'll want to consider whether tile fits with your lifestyle.

Ceramic and porcelain tile can be used in any room. Express Floors carries a wide variety of textures and styles that can be installed both indoors and out.

Cleaning and maintenance
Tile surfaces are extremely easy to clean. Tile floor can be wet mopped which is one of the reasons why they are very popular.

Kids and pets
You won't need to worry about scratches, dents, or stains with tile flooring—it's a good choice for kids and pets. You'll be happy to hear that tile is also hypoallergenic!


Tile flooring is not the lowest option on the price scale, but different factors will have an effect on the final cost.

Porcelain tile is generally more expensive than ceramic tile. On average, the difference between the two is about 30%.

The size and shape of tile has less to do with the cost than colors and finishes. Surface patterning also involves additional cost.

Unless you're having tile flooring installed in a newly built home, you will need to add existing floor removal and subfloor preparation to your budget.
Tile from San Diego, CA from Express Floors To Go


Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are not DIY-friendly. It requires much more expertise to install than other flooring materials.

On concrete floors, tiles are installed with thin-set and all surfaces must be relatively clean and level. On wood subfloors, a hardy backer is required prior to installation for stability of grout lines and proper adhesion.

Precision installation
Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring installation require cutting tiles to fit to the room. Professional installation experts have the tools and experience necessary for accurate cuts.