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Flooring supplies

Installing a new floor isn’t as easy as plunking down some tile, hardwood, or carpet and calling it a day. Installation requires flooring accessories for subtle touches that make a big impact. These include floor moldings, transitions, baseboards, and other accessories that complete the job and give your new flooring a clean, polished look.

Floor moldings

Floor moldings provide a crucial transition between the edge of your new flooring and the baseboard against the wall. Moldings come in a variety of shapes and designs, but here are the most popular:
  • Quarter round: made from a round piece of hardwood with a 3/4-inch radius to cover the expansion space near the wall.
  • Base shoe: made from a “shoe-shaped” piece of hardwood, also used to cover the expansion space near the wall.

Flooring molding installation might look easy, but it’s quite noticeable when you get it wrong. Our professional flooring installation experts will install your floor molding right every time.
Floor moldings in San Diego, CA from Express Floors To Go

Floor transitions

Unless you have the rare home with a single flooring option throughout, you’ll need transitions to smoothly switch from one flooring type to the other. For hardwood flooring transitions, you’ll want the tone to match the hardwood. For other types of flooring, any attractive, high-quality wood tone will do. Here are some examples of flooring transitions:

  • T-Molding: connects two types of hard flooring or two colors of hardwood.
  • Threshold: used to transition from hardwood to carpet.
  • Reducer: transitions from hardwood to a lower-profile floor such as vinyl.
  • Stair Nose: used on stair steps and sunken dens.

Flooring transitions installation requires precision, proper tools, and plenty of experience. You can count on the professional flooring installation experts at Express Floors To Go.
Floor transitions in Oceanside, CA from Express Floors To Go

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Floor baseboards

Baseboards offer visual definition between the wall and your new flooring. They also offer impact protection for your walls and come in a variety of stylish cuts. While baseboard replacement isn’t necessary for new flooring installation—they can be removed and replaced—here’s why you should take your renovation project one step further with new baseboards:

  • Baseboards can look dingy over time and some materials are difficult to clean. Brand new flooring looks best with brand new baseboards to match.
  • Baseboards add a stylish finishing touch to any flooring project.
  • There are several styles of baseboards available to match any décor, including flat, concave, geometric, curved, or contoured.
  • Baseboards are lightweight and easy to handle, making installation a snap for DIYers. However, for the best flooring baseboard installation, leave it to the professionals.
Floor baseboards in Clairemont, CA from Express Floors To Go

Floor underlayments

Most new flooring types need a barrier between the flooring and the subfloor, which is where underlayments shine. Different types of underlayments are better for different flooring options, so here’s a guide to get you started:

  • Tile flooring needs solid support from cement board underlayments or DITRA uncoupling membrane, both of which allow the tile mortar to bond to the tile.
  • Laminate flooring needs an underlayment that covers minor imperfections in the subfloor. Foam laminate underlayment or acoustical laminate underlayment both do the trick.
  • Hardwood flooring, whether solid or engineered, typically works best with felt floor underlayment, cork floor underlayment, or rubber floor underlayment.
  • Carpet flooring is often used with foam underlayment or rubber carpet padding. Newer types, such as memory foam, are also becoming more popular.

Unlike other flooring options, vinyl flooring doesn’t use standard underlayments. Instead, plywood sheeting is the preferred barrier between the subfloor and vinyl sheets, tiles, or planks. Regardless of what flooring type you choose, our professional flooring installation experts will help you determine (and install) the best underlayments for your needs.
Floor underlayments in Mesa, CA from Express Floors To Go