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Carpet flooring installation in San Diego

Nothing feels as soft and luxurious on your bare feet as carpet, which is probably why it accounts for more US flooring sales than any other option. Carpet also features the most design versatility—it's available in hundreds of colors, textures, and styles. And one often-overlooked feature of carpet is how well it blocks sound from room to room.

Design versatility

Wall-to-wall carpeting
Also called fitted carpet, wall-to-wall carpet flooring covers the entire floor. As a natural insulator, wall-to-wall carpeting prevents both warm and cool air from escaping. If properly cared for, carpet can last for many years before requiring replacement.

Loop carpet
Carpets with loop pile feature yarns that are looped and fastened to the carpet backing. Loop carpets are very durable and ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and foyers.

Texture carpet
This type of cut pile is the most popular carpet option. It's made with fibers of uneven lengths to create a more textured surface and a casual look that's suited for any room.

Pattern carpet
Pattern is a type of carpet that features both cut and loop pile, providing a sculpted look with levels of uncut low loops and sheared top loops. This allows for more options of textures and surface patterns, and it also helps disguise stains and wear-and-tear.

Berber carpet
Berber is a type of loop pile that features large, uncut loops of fibers that vary in size. Berber is denser than other carpet options and highly stain resistant.

Carpet tile
Carpet tile is primarily used in commercial applications. It offers a lot of benefits when it comes to replacing damaged or worn out areas. It can be installed with minimal interference during installation.

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Whether you want your new carpet to blend into the background or stand out as the centerpiece of your décor, we know you'll find a carpet you love. If you find that the abundance of choices makes the selection process overwhelming, the professional design experts at Express Floors To Go are here to help.

The durability, look and feel of carpet are determined by the fibers used. The most common fiber types are nylon, olefin, polyester, acrylic, wool, and blends.

Carpet density refers to the amount of fibers used in the carpet and how closely they're tufted together. Higher carpet densities usually mean higher prices, but the superior quality is worth it.

From eggshell white to neon pink, you can find carpet in nearly every color imaginable, but different colors have different advantages. Lighter colors make a room seem larger, while darker colors are better for hiding dirt and stains. Carpet also comes in a variety of patterns to give a room a rich, textured look.


Beautiful colors and soft textures are usually the primary considerations when choosing carpet, but lifestyle considerations will help you choose the best carpet style for long-lasting enjoyment.

Carpet can be installed in virtually any room—and on stairs.

Cleaning & maintenance
Regular vacuuming and an occasional deep cleaning can help keep your carpet fresh and beautiful for years. We also recommend choosing high-density carpet for high-traffic areas, and for even better protection, try a “no shoes” rule at the front door.

Kids & pets
Carpet is soft and cushiony enough for crawling babies, and it's also easier on falls from rambunctious older kids. Normally homes with untrained pets might not be ideal for carpet, but thanks to the latest advancements in carpet technology, accidents are temporary—not permanent.
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Carpeting comes in a wide range of prices, making it an accessible flooring choice for all homeowners. The most obvious factor in price is quality, but there are other factors to consider as well.

The density, weight, fiber, and pile type of carpeting all determine the price. What you should consider above all is the “feel.” Running your hand across a carpet sample will give you a good sense of the carpet's quality.

Carpet padding comes in a variety of densities and forms, all providing different levels of upgrades in comfort and richness under foot.


Carpet installation might look easy, but without the right tools and skills, it can be a DIY nightmare. Installation involves several factors that require expertise.

Removal of existing floor
If you have existing carpet, tile, or another flooring, it will most likely need to be removed and hauled away before adding new carpet.

Cutting and fitting
Square and rectangular rooms are a cinch for carpet installation, but specialized skills and tools are required for custom fitting, seaming, and stretching.

Full service installation
Improperly installed carpet can buckle and be a nuisance For peace of mind, If you're investing in new carpet, take advantage of the professional flooring installation service at Express Floors To Go.